A very important announcement – and spring mini sessions!


Hi All!

Well…it’s been a bit quiet this past winter, but it’s because SDP is going through some very large changes! Some, I regret to announce…but, personally, it’s a move I’m excited to make and a dream I’ve always wanted to pursue, and the time is nigh given my age and the changes occurring in the industry I am moving toward. More on this below – but in the meantime, if you’d like a mini session this spring, act fast! Available times are listed below for 4/9, and you can book them by emailing me!

Effective immediately, SDP is no longer accepting wedding bookings. (please note I will be, and am very much looking forward to, shooting the handful of 2016 weddings I have on the books! 2016 brides, you have received an email from me in advance of this posting so you have no worries – I’m excited to work with you!) I am still accepting portrait sessions – however, please note, I have a (extremely limited) set number of April sessions available before 4/22 (see schedule below)…and will not be available for sessions, no exceptions, until a rough August or September timeframe after that point.

I have decided to make a career change and chase a dream since I have been a teenager. I have been a longtime pilot and flight instructor, and accepted my first job as a professional pilot.

With this career change comes significant amounts of training. This training is not conducted in the Kansas City area, and it requires my total, 100% concentration as well as lots of study outside of daily classroom and simulator time.

The above being said, I absolutely, positively cannot accept any work while I am in training (after 4/22). There are no ifs, ands or buts – except for the aforementioned weddings I have booked, which I have accommodated for and will be shooting as scheduled!

After I complete training and am assuming a “normal” flying schedule, I will again begin to accept limited portrait session bookings. Due to my career and subsequent travel/lifestyle change, there will be some changes to my booking requirements, which I’ll detail below and will be addressed in the FAQs on my website(s), as I update them:

1. bookings can only be accepted approximately 30 days in advance, as that is when I know my work/travel schedule for the month. I am in the process of integrating a calendar of availability into my website that will allow clients to book my available days each month, making my month-to-month schedule as simple as possible.

2. weekends may be available, but again, will not be known until 30 days in advance. I will be bidding a work schedule, and what I get is what I get as far as days off for the month; my days in Kansas City are not 100% within my control.

3. mini sessions are ONLY available on mini session dates. I will only have 1 or 2 of these per year (see below for available times this month!). I will have limited time to spend with my husband, dogs, and at home; so limiting my bookings is necessary so I’ve got some down time while I am not working my flying job.

4. full sessions are available any time I am available and in town.

Thank you for your understanding! I have worked very hard to work with clients on schedule over the years, and have even bent my “no mini sessions outside of mini session dates” rule, but with this career change, there will be some dates and times I simply will not be able to accommodate. I have no control over this! I love photography and I have made this career change to chase a life long dream; not because I choose to no longer do portrait or wedding photography! I will miss weddings TREMENDOUSLY and look forward to maintaining relationships with my regular portrait clients once I complete training.

Also – while I am in training, I will be out of town during the week. I will be unable to fulfill orders or answer client emails during these days. I will be in class all day and studying by night. I will address any emails and inquiries over the weekends as I can. Please be patient. I will get back with you. Training is incredibly demanding. It is very important that my concentration is 100% on the task at hand while I am attending class.

Again – THANK YOU to all of my clients over the years; and although SDP is continuing in a greatly reduced capacity, the single most important thing I can address is that SDP IS CONTINUING! I am not closing the business, I am maintaining all of my business licenses, my proofing site, and client files. SDP is simply gearing down from a full-time, heavy-volume studio to a part time vocation for me. I have moved from my studio location given this career change, and will be operating the business 100% out of my home. I do have access to the old studio location, however, on a shoot-by-shoot basis, if it is desired for a particular session, such as for newborns or toddlers.

Thank you so much to everyone, and please stay in touch!

– Sarah


April 9

8am – booked






two additional slots are available on weeknights prior to 4/16. Please email me to book any of the above slots or discuss a potential weeknight slot!

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