Times, they have a changed – a new direction for SDP

Hi everyone!

As we gear up for the busiest time of the year for photography (FALL!), I figured I owed an update on the direction SDP is taking and what services the studio will offer going forward.

Last spring, I published a note saying I was no longer accepting weddings due to a career change. Well, that career change is now complete, after a number of months of training, hard work, and being away from home for extended periods of time. I can now proudly say I’ve achieved a lifelong dream and am now employed as an airline pilot.

While this is obviously a drastic career change from that as a full-time photographer, it doesn’t mean I was burnt out or chose to move completely away from my photography business. Quite the contrary! I love shooting just as much as ever, and it’s a great break from my travels. But, you ask, how does being an airline pilot affect my scheduling for photography?

Quite honestly, it affects it drastically. I am away from home for usually 4-5 days at a time. I work many weekends, and I will work many holidays. Obviously, I can’t schedule shoots when I am not even in Kansas City! I also don’t get my work schedule until around the 21st of the month prior, so for instance, October’s schedule will come out around the 21st of September. Although I can try to bid particular dates off, I will not always be successful – especially given that I’m new to the company and everything schedule-wise is seniority based. Meaning I get the leftovers. 🙂

I have set up a new scheduling system that I will hope will streamline the booking process as much as possible. Clients will simply book online, pay their deposit online, submit their portrait agreement, and they are done! My available dates and times will be in the scheduling system. If you don’t see it, it means it’s not available.  I will update the system with my new schedule each month. If you don’t see dates for a particular month yet, again, it means I don’t have that month’s schedule yet, so be patient! I can’t commit to particular dates or times until I have my work schedule.

It also means I can unfortunately no longer accept weddings. The only way for me to guarantee, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I have an exact Saturday off is to take vacation. And although it has been tough giving up the branch of my business that brought me the greatest success, it was something I simply had to choose to give up in order to pursue this dream.

Now, fall 2016. Are you ready? My scheduling system is set up, September dates are in (I may add a couple of additional times during the week; I’m waiting for confirmation on a couple of schedule items!), and I will be releasing locations for the weekend dates, September 17th and 25th, this evening. These shoots on these two dates will all be at the same location so I can cut out driving time and accommodate the most clients in that time block. I hope (*HOPE*) to have another weekend day off in October to fit in even more fall sessions, but at a minimum, I’ll offer weekday evening sessions in October.

Stay tuned, as I said, for another post shortly with details on location for the September 17th and 25th shoots – either this evening or tomorrow morning. They will both be north of the River! I hope to add a south of the river location or two in October if schedule allows.

Again, stay tuned, thanks for your understanding, and blue skies!






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