Pfalzgraf and Degas

This is the most emotional shoot I’ve ever done, and therefore the most emotional blog post as well. Pfalzgraf and Degas were photographed for their owner as a rememberance as they were both laid to rest last week. Both had rapidly deteriorating health conditions that caused their vet to recommend that they not go through the winter. They both had full, long lives; Pfalzgraf was a 33 year old imported warmblood gelding and Degas a 27 year old Arabian gelding. Both were loved for a very, very long time by their owner Betsy – who wanted one last shoot by which to remember them.

We scheduled the shoot for last Saturday before I was due to go out of town on vacation; time was short for both geldings and we had days of cloudy weather forecast after Saturday morning – plus I’d be out of town all week. I found it beyond amazing that we had maybe one hour of sunlight all day Saturday – a cold, blustery day – and that hour was while we were shooting early in the morning. It was cloudy on my drive to their farm and as soon as we put them back in their paddock, it clouded over once again.

Thanks to the powers that be to give us sunlight for this shoot. I often feel my chosen passion pales in comparison to what some do for a living – but I could not help but realize how incredibly important my job was this day. To create something extraordinary by which Pfalzgraf and Degas could be remembered.


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XW1L7817 copy






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