William Woods Spring Dressage

we ended our brief show photography season with the William Woods Dressage show at William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri last weekend. Two VERY full days of rides. The show is posted in its entirety in the exhibitor galleries on our proofing site here. Here are a few highlights! Many thanks to my mom Nancy for manning the booth while I was shooting!

Erin Ackley and An Honest Request
Missouri Dressage Show Photography

Melissa Allen and Wies V/D Klumpert
William Woods Dressage Show Photography

Nicole Bellah and Waldor
Midwest Dressage show photography

Mari Jebens and Winter
midwest dressage horse photography

Aless Hall and Unze Funds
William Woods Dressage show photography, Fulton, Missouri

Brenda Zeitler and Wramielle
Kansas City equine photographer

Amy Stuhr and Dabadu Blue
Missouri equine photography

Anna Eklund and Rapture R
Missouri equine photographer

Kathy Yamaguchi and Simply the Best
Kansas equine photography

Meghan French and Foregone Conclusion
Kansas Equine Photographer

Erin Rhoades and Hemmingway
Kansas and Missouri horse show and equine photography

Melissa Allen and Cachet
Kansas City, Missouri equine and dressage photographer

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