Aiden M | a sunny day in Liberty

Next on the blog is adorable little Aiden, who joined me with his mom Lorie to shoot around my Liberty studio on a nice sunny day. What a cutie, huh? And could you ever believe it’s winter?

I’ll be headed out of town (actually out of country!) for vacation the morning after this Saturday’s wedding. The studio will be closing at noon on Friday so I can pack, prep for the wedding, and get things taken care of before our departure. (Just a reminder that I will not be reachable by phone from then until March 11 – I was told it would not even WORK if I tried, let alone the expense – so direct all requests to and I’ll check in once in a while.) So…back to work so I can hit all of my many deadlines for the week! In the meantime, enjoy little Aiden. 🙂


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