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Want to know if I’m the photographer for you? In addition to the boring stuff like prices and packages and availability, it’s important to know who you’re having take those pictures.  Here we go.

I’ve always been an artsy person. I’ve drawn and or painted, sometimes on stuff I shouldn’t have, for as long as I can remember. I recall Day One of kindergarten. I was scared half outta my wits. I cried when my mom dropped me off. This was some heavy stuff for a not-quite-five year old. Kids, lots of strange kids. But guess what? We finger painted. Next thing you know I was all zen, and naptime hit on my brand new mat and I realized it was going to all be ok.

Such has been the rest of my life. Uptight? Bust out the oils. Brain fried? Go take pictures of something. So, photography is my ‘happy place’. I read about other photographers getting stressed about shoots and editing and whether they nailed a wedding or not, and maybe I’m just weird? I don’t get those feelings. (well, when I’ve got a boatload of shoots to edit and want to make all my clients happy and have them edited ASAP, I will admit to getting a bit wound.) I could go on and on and wax poetic about how satisfying it is to shoot – it is. It’s beyond satisfying. The entire world is a canvas waiting to be composed instantaneously. And it’s up to me to find that fraction of a second, where everything is perfect, where everything is right where it should be in the frame – before it’s gone. I’ve taken classes. I have an art degree. I know the technical stuff like the back of my hand. That’s all a given (and if it’s not, you shouldn’t be shooting for income!) – but the ability to see and capture in the literal blink of an eye before that perfect shot is gone – that is something that can’t be taught. You either have it (and continue to develop it), or you don’t. THAT is the true challenge of photography, from an artistic standpoint.

I’ve run a busy, bustling wedding photography studio since 2009. In 2016, I embarked on a lifelong dream and career change and became a professional pilot. This change did not come easily; I did and still do have a burning passion for photography. However, a career as a pilot has been a dream since my childhood, and it simply was something I did not want to regret pursuing later in life. Though my travel schedule is downright nuts, and I have no control over which days of the week I work, I try to accommodate clients – new and old alike – as much as I can in my off time.


SDP continues as a part-time portrait studio, however, and I’m happy to work with seniors, families, infants, and couples seeking engagement photos. The business allows me to continue to indulge in my passion for photography, even if not as a full-time vocation. I look forward to working with my many regular clients for years to come, as well as new ones!




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