All kinds of products and goodies for 2010…yay!

…and more will be coming! My long-awaited product guide will be finished and linked on the blog and website this week, and will feature detailed information about all of the products that SDP offers. Below are some photos of a few of our samples – albums, prints, canvas wraps. And, we’ve got MORE samples coming. MORE wedding albums. MORE canvases. MORE print options and MORE ideas for the seniors, and families….smaller albums to suit these types of sittings. I’m so excited!!

To start things off, here is but a bit of what we can do for you.

Prints and canvases
SDP offers many different print options. Not only can you have your enlargements printed by our SUPER lab on everything from matte photo paper to metallics, textures and even elegant art paper, but they can be mounted to a number of substrates such as styrene (a dense, rigid plastic-like material) and foam core. Adding these backings makes your enlargement much more durable and will help it stand the test of time. Of course, it’s hard to show the various paper options in a photo – so schedule an appointment to see for yourself!

What we can show are our canvases. The finishing is superb and there are lots of options – from types of hanging hardware to backing, depth of the canvas frame (1.5″ and 2.5″ are available) and finish. These are ready to go right on the wall, with the image wrapping completely around the sides of the frame. Truly a conversation piece.






We realize that not every budget allows for a slick flush-mount album. So SDP offers THREE different grades of albums. All of these albums are available in multiple size options and with numerous cover styles – everything from leather to linen to image wraps. The standard album in our product guide is priced with 15 spreads (30 pages) and an image-wrap cover. Options are priced as add-ons to this standard album, including cover options, different sizes and additional spreads.

We’re pretty proud of our flush-mount albums, and our printer delivers product SUPER FAST, compared to other suppliers. This is the “album option B” available with some of our wedding packages.

Super thick, UV-coated, archival interior spreads.

Nearly indestructible cover.

Our next option, our mid-level option, comes from the same supplier as our flush mount. The pages, while still thick, are somewhat flexible compared to the completely rigid flush mount pages. They lie perfectly flat, and the color reproduction is incredible. This sample is shown with the optional dust jacket.



Our final option is our most economical. Pages are hinged at the binding to lay flat, and are a heavy coverstock weight. They can be UV coated for additional durability for an additional charge. This particular sample is laid out as a guestbook album with blank spaces for wedding guests to sign (engaged couples, here’s a GREAT idea for your engagement sessions!) with a leatherette cover. The image wrap cover (as with the previous two versions) comes standard with this option. This album is “album option A” in SDP’s wedding package descriptions, and is also a great option for guestbooks and senior and equine session albums among many other uses!


Hinged interior pages

More products coming soon – and as always, email me with questions about these or any of our other products!

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