Fall is Full!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a brief studio update – much more to come in a later post, but I did want to pass along to all of my fabulous customers and clients that the fall portrait season IS booked full – October actually booked up before September was fully filled. I have portrait sessions available beginning in mid-November. November can still be a nice month to shoot; so if you’re thinking about Christmas gifts, or holiday card images, there are a small handful of sessions left in November. Also while we are talking about the holidays, I will again be having a print sale starting the day after Thanksgiving. Everything in my online ordering galleries will be 25% off for two weeks, so start planning your orders now!

Also, I think most of you know this but as the only employee of SDP, sometimes things do get a bit crazy during peak shooting season(s), namely mid to late spring and especially the fall. I’m really, really booked full with weddings and portrait sessions right now and this week that we are starting right now is likely the busiest of the year. As such, I sometimes get a bit bogged down with emails and phone calls. Please know that I am returning inquiries and other requests as quickly as I can in between shoots and getting client orders out in a timely fashion, and sometimes (especially as we near the weekend and on wedding days), I get a little behind on responding. Be patient and I will be in touch as quickly as possible. Also, email is the absolute best way to reach me right now. For instance, there are three days this week that I will be out of the office all day; constantly moving from one meeting/shoot to another. Emails are easy for me to respond to early in the morning before I head out (and before anyone is up to receive a return phone call!).

As we head into the latter part of October, my workload should start returning to a bit more “normal” level. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

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