As most of you know, I’ve been getting some much needed r+r this month, and as such among other trips took a week-long cruise, during which time I didn’t have cell coverage. As stated here on the blog as well, I left a voicemail greeting giving the dates of my absence and that I’d be back in touch (and stateside!) on the 16th. I’m of course back and right back into super crazy times filling everyone’s orders and booking 2010 weddings…and forgot to change my voicemail greeting back. It is now up to date – but if you called me after the 16th and got this greeting, my apologies for overlooking the fact that it was erroneous!!

We’re good to go now 🙂 I’m back and have been back – just a little remiss in updating my phone! A reminder that I can always, in addition to my phone at 816.665.9394, be reached via email at I return all calls and emails within 24 hours, unless I am on-site at an extended shoot (such as a multiple-day horse show), in which case I’ll get back to you at my first opportunity. And, you can check on this very thing on the calendar on my main site – I keep all shoots and my personal vacations listed here!

Happy autumn, everyone! 🙂


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