Megan + Eric: a sneak peek!

A reminder that the studio is closed until March 11th for vacation – after shooting Megan and Eric’s wedding today, I’m headed to Cancun (YEAH!) through next Sunday for some R&R before crazy busy wedding season kicks into high gear. My phone will not be on (duh, cha-ching!), however, I will be checking in on my email every couple of days. So, if you’ve been thinking about inquiring about your wedding or a portrait session, go right ahead and I can get you started with some basic information to hold you over until I return! And when I return, I can’t WAIT to share Megan and Eric’s fabulous wedding with you all. Below is but just one teaser of a LOT of awesome that was captured today. There’ll be lots more news to hit the blog as well – lots brewing at the ol’ SDP. This year is just going to be spectacular and I CANNOT WAIT!

Adios, amigos (and amigas!)


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3 Responses to “Megan + Eric: a sneak peek!”

  1. Fred Couts says:

    PERFECT Could not be better

  2. Barry Fillpot says:

    These are wonderfull pictures. May you have a GREAT LIFE.

  3. Joel Conner says:

    Wow…wonderful shot.

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