Stephanie + Brady | one very fortunate Kansas wedding!

I felt for Stephanie and Brady as the forecasts became more daunting. Simple forecasts of rain became more strongly-worded; starting with “chance for severe weather” to “severe weather likely Saturday” to the formidable usage of “tornado outbreak”, “strong tornadoes possible” and “high risk area for tornadoes”. With my phone radar in hand, I headed west into the “high risk area” for Stephanie and Brady’s Topeka wedding last Saturday. Well, we were lucky. And had a FANTASTIC day. Stephanie had arranged for us to gain access to the Topeka Capital building if we had bad weather, so we’d have a really nice indoor area to shoot. When the time came to head out for Stephanie and Brady’s first look and portraits, we made the call to take the chance for outdoor photos, and I’m so glad they did – they turned out SO gorgeous! This was another day of wonderful families and friends and so many touching moments, besides the luck they had on their side in the weather department. I mean, who would NOT cry when Stephanie opened up Brady’s gift – a ceramic piece he made in ceramics class, and not just any class, but the very class where they met? A joyful (and sometimes funny! I reference the unity candle 😉 ) ceremony followed, then a wonderful, NON-STORMY reception. In fact, the sky was just starting to illuminate with lighting as I left the reception, and I thought back to how fortunate we really were, as I heard news reports of tornadoes causing damage literally all around us.

Stephanie and Brady, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful day! I’m sorry I brought the wind with me to both your engagement session and wedding day, but I think it still worked out ok 😉

Stephanie and her sister get a look at the shoes that their grandmother painted for Stephanie to wear on her wedding day.
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Sisk prep-1004 copy

the Woods’ adorable brood of canines hide out from all the commotion
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Sisk bride_groom-1001 copy

first look time!
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…on to the church, where as Brady and the guys hung out….
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…Stephanie opened his gift.

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Sisk ceremony-1009 copy


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love the subtle golf tee homage!
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Ceremony: 1st Congregational Church
Reception: IBEW Hall
Planner: Lyn Scardina, Events!

Catering: Carino’s

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  1. Joy Wood says:

    These are such fabulous pictures. What a happy time this was and you show it in your excellent photography. I am enjoying seeing all thes gorgeous close ups. Thank you, Joy Wood

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